Sandra Martin
Author Photo: Joy von Tiedemann

Thanks for dropping in to my website. I’d like to tell you a bit about my new book, A Good Death: Making the Most of our Final Choices. You can find A Good Death at your local bookstore or online using any of the links I have provided.

Here’s a brief introduction to A Good Death.

We can’t avoid death, but the prospect is a lot less terrifying since the Supreme Court of Canada legalized physician-assisted death. Competent adults, suffering grievously from intolerable medical conditions, will have the right to ask for a doctor’s help in ending their lives. That much is clear. Continue reading “Welcome”

Book launch for A Good Death

Here are some images from my book launch at Ben McNally Books in Toronto on April 14–the same day that the Liberals tabled its right to die legislation, the deeply flawed Bill-C-14. The photographs were taken by Melissa Marques.

For more pictures please click on this link:

Pictures from my book launch





Here are some of my recent media appearances for A Good Death

Here I am with CTV’s Beverley Thomson on April 12, 2016  http://ow.ly/10zmjd

The next day (April 13, 2016), I talked with CBC’s Anna-Maria Tremonti on The Current in a wide-ranging conversation about my book.http://www.cbc.ca/radio/thecurrent/the-current-for-april-13-2016-1.3533281/doctor-assisted-dying-how-canadians-grapple-with-death-1.3533328